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Maximize the Right Marketing Mix

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Strategy 8: Maximize the Right Marketing Mix

Strategy 8: Maximize the Right Marketing Mix

Reach your target audience where they spend the most time, then share compelling photos & videos to reinforce your mission, message and offers. ~Andrea Callahan

Keep your content compelling by implementing a mix of rich media in your social media posts. If it is appropriate and lends to connecting to a broader target market, incorporate videos and photos on sharing sites like Instagram™, Vine™ and Periscope™.

A few tips to get you proficient on Instagram and Vine:

  1. Vine video clips loop. Instagram video clips don’t. Vine streams on Twitter; Instagram videos on Facebook.
  2. Vine videos are 6 seconds long. Instagram are 15 seconds. Think about how can you use this information for your marketing?
  3. Tapping your screen for a Vine video starts filming. Tapping your screen for an Instagram video just adjusts focus.
  4. Use Instagram hashtags to crowd-source user-generated content as well as extend your own reach.
  5. Remember that Instagram hashtags are not case-sensitive and don’t work with spaces or special characters.
  6. Be sure you don’t use any banned hashtags with your Instagram photos or videos.
  7. It is wise to periodically monitor hashtags to see if they have been saturated with one brand or marketing scheme.

Any other tips and strategies, leave your comment below!

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