Use Social Media to Keep a Pulse on Your Brand

Stay Focused on Core Message

Friends & Followers are Not Your Friends

Strategy 7: Stay focused on core messge

Strategy #7: Stay Focused on Core Message

Before you click send or share, make sure your post is relevant for your target audience. Verify if it supports your brand. ~Andrea Callahan

Which posts on social media are people more likely to skip? Highly personal negative posts complaining about your personal business. They will immediately turn off a prospect…unless of course they too are in that negative space. Under these circumstances, you may in fact forge a relationship, but it will not be one rooted in commerce.

Here are a few tips you may find helpful when making the decision, POST or NOT-TO-POST:

  1. Still trying to be everyone’s “friend”? Each connection counts – and speaks loudly about who you are to your other connections. Think about the posts, Re-tweets, and shares…would you want a prospect to see them right before you are about to seal a deal? Would they negatively impact a potential buyer from completing the sale?
  2. If you want your social content to attract your ideal buyers, do your best to share quality tips that are really unique – and if it entertains, educates or enlightens them in any way…BONUS!
  3. Be sure to use your brand voice in your posts. Avoid sounding like a robot or someone pushing a contrived sales pitch.

If a post does not move the message of your mission, purpose, brand or marketing campaign – either directly or indirectly – do not post it on your business social media accounts. Stay focused.

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