Meet Nougat, The New System of Android

MAXIMIZING THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA Here is another example of how power brands optimize their social media capital to launch another part of their  brand story.  Meet Android Nougat, the lastest version of Androids smartphone operating system. Google made the announcement on Snapchat and Twitter! Google most certainly has the brand capital to contact…

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Digital marketing strategies for Industry Influencers

The Top 5 Online Mistakes that Industry Influencers Make

5 Online Mistakes That Will KILL Your Brand Online marketing is no longer optional for Industry Influencers. Most shoppers not only seek information but also reviews online before, making a buying decision. Buyers expect the brands they frequent to maintain an online presence. In addition, they will usually look for options, if they don’t find what they expect. Always remember,…

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content marketing

How Content Marketing Gets Your Business In the Front of the Pack

6 Winning Content Marketing Strategies for Local Business As a small business owner, you know that effective online marketing plays a significant role in the success of your company. The competition for internet users’ attention is fierce, and if you want to make your company stand out from the competition, you have to stretch your…

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reputation management for business success

How Industry Influencers Protect their Online Reputation

4 Simple Steps to Protecting Your Reputation Online   Unfortunately, the Internet is full of misleading information and untruths. When these untruths involve your brand, your reputation can suffer. Sites like Rip-Off Report do not spend time vetting the information they are fed. This makes it incredibly easy for competitors and others to leave false…

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2 day sale example for small business

How Industry Influencers Get People Through the Doors

3 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic in 3 Days or Less One of the greatest challenges for brick-and-mortar store owners is finding ways to increase foot traffic to their stores.  Although that was always the case, it has become increasingly difficult to bring people into stores in recent years thanks to the explosion of online shopping.…

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Local business MOnday giveaway

Using Facebook for Greater Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement & Sales

How Industry Influencers Maximize Facebook to Grow Better Business At one point in time, having a Facebook account for your business was optional. Few companies had them and few customers even thought about following their favorite brands on social media. Today, that has all changed. Customers expect the businesses they frequent to have a social…

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Meeting Your Customers Where they Spend the Most Time

How to Connect with Mobile Customers There is no denying the fact that mobile marketing is not the wave of the future anymore – it’s a necessity in the present. 2015 marked the first year that mobile searches outpaced computer searches on Google, and the trend toward mobile search shows no sign of slowing. As…

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Understanding how to use push notifications

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with Push Notifications

Let Me Show You How to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with Push Notifications Do you want to find new ways to interact with your existing customers? One of the best ways to keep in touch with customers in real time – and keep them informed of relevant information including events and sales…

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Build Reserves & Increase Momentum for a Successful Business

Passion is enthusiasm and dominate powerful emotions, relish in them. To be inspired is to be stimulated into action. When you are inspired you are driven by lively emotion. The most effective way to develop a strong sense of yourself is to have passion by the guidance, affect and arousal of Divine influence. Intuition is…

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Managing Your Team to Excellence

Employee Development Models The Coaching Model When it comes to getting results as a coach, it helps to have a process, as long as we don’t become a slave to that process. Nobody can really design a coaching process for somebody else. However, here are four steps that find their way into most coaching models.…

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How Your Brand Bring In External Clients

What is a Brand? There are many definitions of a brand, but our favorite comes from Simon Middleton, a British brand expert. In his book Build a Brand in 30 Days, he says, “Brand is about meaning. Your brand is everything that your customers and prospective customers think, feel, say, hear, read, watch, imagine, suspect,…

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Winning the Battles of Stress for Entrepreneurs: Day 1

Day One-Finding Personal Space Everyone should have a space that is personal to them and where they can go to think, unwind and generally relax. For many people, it may be their bedroom, a spare room in the house or even a sheltered spot in the garden but wherever is chosen, it’s vital that it…

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Winning the Battles of Stress for Entrepreneurs – Day 2

Day Two   Because stress can be endured over a period of time without the individual truly becoming aware of it or by them simply accepting it as part of their lives, one of the most important aspects of stress management is to take those first positive steps towards making key changes as this will…

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Winning the Battle of Stress for Entrepreneurs: Day 3

Day Three   When living a stressful lifestyle or experiencing an unwelcome amount of stress, getting the full quota of sleep is important.  If short-term sleep is deprived or if generally suffering from insomnia, it can make life a whole lot more difficult as irritability, a lack of tolerance and even depression can weigh heavily…

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Winning the Battle of Stress for Entrepreneurs: Day 4

Day Four   Many people hold onto guilt or emotional traumas burying them deep within and this in turn can be a constant source of stress that niggles away and irritates as external stresses build up. Whatever the source of guilt, regret or pain, it will only cause stale energy around the sufferer and hamper…

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