Successful personal brands are built from the inside out. Investing in the development of your personal mastery and soft skills are your unique selling points and give you a competitive edge in the workplace, business and in life.

"Your brand is the vehicle to enter the mind's of people you meet...and remain in their hearts." ~Andrea Callahan

What's your 3:00 am BIG idea? Train your team to implement your mission, successfully.


10 Reasons to Invest in Training

Do you want to do more, do better with your life but...

  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Better communication.
  • Effective collaborations.
  • Expand creativity and innovation.
  • Maximize strengths.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Exceed goals.
  • Build brand loyalty.
  • Grow brand ambassadors
  • Increase revenue.

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Andrea Callahan International presents...

Charlotte small business training by Andrea Callahan Interntional
Transforming the self-employed to thriving business owners

Specialized training for the distinguished few who intend to take the lead and change their life.

Uniquely Designed for the Noteworthy & Decisive Go-Getters

Training Solutions for Personal Mastery, Professional Soft-Skills & Leadership

Personal Mastery

Most career and business problems are personal problems in disguise. Identify issues, train & start getting desired results right now. Get organized. Maximize your strengths. Embrace your creativity, increase your problem-solving and become self-motivated. Work at peak performance! Realize your dreams.

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Professional Soft-Skills

The valuable, portable & transferable skills that forever serve you well in your personal life, career & business. Collaborating who you are, with what you know - for your highest good. Reflect in your position of success with exceptional communication, decision-making and time management skills.

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Leading with your vision, purpose, a mission & goals = a successful personal brand. Getting others to collaborate and implement your plan - now that's what defines a true leader. Take your seat at the head of table, build a life of true achievement and happiness.

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Personal Marketing

As a speaker, author, community leader, artist or C-level leader, position yourself to build a brand to attract your target audience, craft messages that resonate with your ideal partner and communicate effectively to build a loyal tribe of followers - and brand ambassadors!

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Is your dream to become an exceptionally effective owner of profitable business? Learn strategies, tools and skills to maximize success opportunities. Build a business doing what you love, while working smarter, not harder. Build a solid foundation for success.

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Training Solutions for Industry Influencers

Andrea Callahan helps Industry Influencers find their WHY through Charlotte small business training

Maximize Your Opportunities to Build Your Personal Brand & Monetize Your Expertise.

  • Choose from a range of courses covering a variety of key disciplines. These include management and leadership training -125+ training for the polished professional.
  • Your program is custom-tailored to your requirements and may be held ‘in-house’ at your organization, at our corporate office or one of our designated upscale venues. Courses are delivered by high-caliber trainers from different backgrounds – all possessing considerable management, leadership and training expertise.
  • You will experience maximum quality of learning, advice and dialogue, class sizes are limited . During all of our training we make sure you have the opportunity to network with other participants.

The Industry Influencer Academy creates opportunities for you to succeed. Each of our training courses gives professionals from all backgrounds new set of skills, methods and techniques so you can make success happen.

Eliminate Blockage & Minimize the Barriers to Your Sucess by NURTURING SKILLS, AMBITION & COMMITMENT

ACI's Industry Influencer Academy offers a catalog of training to teach dreamers to become exceptionally effective owners of their destiny. Our primary intention is to to provide go-getters with the strategies, tools and skills to maximize strengths, improve performance, increase skill-set and catapult revenue. It's time to stop working so hard, market leaders & profit masters work smarter.

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New Events coming Fall 2016! Seminars & training for action-takers & go-getters...just like you.

We offer a range of books, Cd's, journals, courses to compliment workshops to help move your life from mediocre to extraordinary success. If you are already doing well in life and build a dynamic brand...Great! Let's get walking among the Super-Successful!

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